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Week Two Check In

How's everybody doing?

Personally, I haven't written for the past four days. But before that I was totally caught up. Plot is running a little slow. Anyone have any suggestions/challenges/ prompts anything they'd like to share?

I just want to say YOU'RE AWESOME. Whether you're ahead, behind, or have had to put your project on hold; you're awesome. :D

Hello out there?

I'll be honest and say that I haven't been around LJ much lately. But as it's the first of November, here's a call to all of you: who's in this year? Some questions to get the conversation going:

1. Are you participating in NaNo or Mini Nano this year?
2. If not, what's holding you back and what other creative projects might you pursue during the month of November?
3. If so, what's your novel about?
4. What would you like to see come out of this community? Prompts? Encouragement? Copies of the Pep Talks?

Let me know what you're thinking!

(And for the record my answers are: 1. Yes. 2. N/A 3. Fantasy shapshifting and 4. Whatever you guys want!



most MCs seem to have a foil. Kirk/Spock, Lone Ranger/Tonto etc.
My MC acts alone, so he doesn't have a sidekick like that. He does have a character who is in the mentor position, and two others who occasionally aids him but I don't think fits the role of foil. A foil could be the antagonist...but I don't think my antagonist is a true foil either (they have a difference in status, wealth and abilities, but they are similar in most others way). The most likely foil would be the individual he's looking for (someone close who was accused of treason and arrested). Personalitywise they're different, but he would be the one at the MCs side in the adventures if he could be) Can a foil be missing/dead/seen only in flashbacks?

So - 25% Done!

How's it going? How's the writing progressing? Are you meeting your word counts?

Most importantly: having fun yet? :D

Day 2

It's day two here, and I hope everyone's off to a wonderful start! I know things can be terribly busy this month, but two people have confirmed involvement so far and I'm expecting a third and possibly fourth soon.

I saw someone mention on the NaNo forums, but couldn't find a thread-- would you guys be interested in sending one another care packages? I'm thinking everybody draws a name and sends them a little pick me up, encouragement at some point throughout the month. I am a super huge fan of snail mail, which may explain my enthusiasm for this idea. Let me know if you guys are interested!


It's that time again!

Tap-tap-tap Is this thing on?

Welcome back everyone! It's been a busy, hectic season and to add to that joy nano_haven is officially back up for business!

So: who's doing NaNoWrimo, mininanowrimo, or just has some personal word goals for the month of November? This is the post to reconnect, encourage you to pimp to your other friends, and see that you haven't forgotten about us.

Who's in?

Happy Writing!



Well all? Do we feel accomplished? I certainly do. Despite the fact I forgot to log my word count (twice!) I'm feeling pretty good about how much I got written. It's been a great month, and I had a load of fun keeping up with you guys and hearing about what you were up to as the month progressed. I totally intended to make this post when it was still December 1st -  it's just past midnight here- but the sentiment is still the same. Did you have fun? Think you'll tackle this next year- or try to keep up the dedicated writing habit next month, even? Too tired to think about it? I know I am. :p

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who supported this lovely little community and offer everyone the opportunity to post links to the work they've accomplished, if you feel so inclined. This baby's closing up shop until next November- so hopefully I'll see you all here when that time comes around. In the mean time, stay well and happy writing!


Feeling so pleased with myself!

Hope everyone else is doing as well! I started this month feeling very unsure I could manage writing every day, so I chose the smallest target possible: 100 words per day. I'd never done Mini-nano before, and being very busy in November (I still maintain the person who decided Nano should be the month before Christmas obviously doesn't have a life), wasn't sure I could even manage that. To my surprise, I have managed most days to write way more than this, although I've had one or two days where it was only just over the 100.

As of today, I have written 12,122 words altogether! I feel really accomplished. I know it's nothing like the 50K you need to write for Nano, but it's my first year, my first concerted attempt at writing every day, and my first time of actually measuring such things. I've taken it conservatively as I work full-time and have three school-age kids, plus I spend November making my own Christmas cards, and this time of year tends to be full of many pre-Christmas and end of year events and happenings, so I really feel that what I've done is a major achievement.

I've managed to complete three chapters of a long-old Lost fanfic, as well as a few other little things here and there. I know I can get my fanfic finished within a couple of chapters now and that pleases me no end, considering how long this LONG fanfic (24 chapters when I finish, with luck) has been hanging around (started during S4 of Lost!), and I will be extremely happy to start posting it in early 2011.

Today's effort is one of my best, being 1100 words and is a one-off True Blood (Bill/Sam) fanfic, if anyone wants to read it. It's a PWP essentially, for which I apologise if that's not your scene, but sometimes you need to just have a little fun! ;-)

How are you all doing? I'd love to hear what you think of yor achievement so far, even though we still have four more days to go (three for me since I've done today's words!).


Last Week!

Seven more sessions (six if you've already covered today).

Almost there! Go, people, GO!

:cheers everyone on, despite utter exhaustion:

Pep Talk

Here comes another pep talk (that may or may not have been sitting in my inbox for the last three days...). This one is from Holly Black, of The Spiderwick Chronicles and Tithe, acclaim. Her talk is composed of advice she wishes she had known when writing her first book.

Greetings fellow writers...Collapse )


Day 19

...so here I'm am, I'm sitting in front of a blank Word doc, and - nothing. I GOT NUTHIN'.

And I have to log into my work machine in an hour and fifteen minutes. And last time I had to work from home like this, I was at it until 3 am.

The two fics I have to edit for some challenges? Oh, those are fine, I GOT ALL SORTS OF THINGS FOR THEM.

WAH! >:^(

Bring on the sad icon and the "not good at all" tag.


I believe my meter is mocking me!

Srsly 39 words to go? *sigh* with what 12 days to do them in LOL part of me wants to type something, anything up now ( a 40word drabble mmmm) but the rest of me wants a hot choccie and early night more.

Theese, Ye Fruites of Thou Labours

...bad attempt at old English (don't ask).

Just wondering: everyone's busy writing, but how do people feel about posting their efforts? I'm thinking for general or f-list consumption, versus the dreaded "Private (Me Only)" (or the Word Doc Option).

Do you want to revise, then post? Do you want to just get it out there? Never see it again? Something else I'm not thinking up?

Halfway! How are we going?

(It's the morning of the 16th, here, so I bet it's still the 15th elsewhere...)

I'm now only a few hundred words short of my original target, and two-thirds of the way to my revised target. With my new (arvo-night) shift at work, I can also squeeze in an hour or two of writing when my boss has left and I have nothing to do between people coming to my desk - I got 1104 words of yet another Steve and Abe story written last night. It's probably likely I could get a bit of time to write most nights, which is awesome. :D

Right now, I'm combining mini_nano with NaZoWriMo and writing about a zombie-shooting drag-in-drag-race, Steve-and-Abe style. Since I have no attention span, I've got about seven stories I'm now tackling this month ... although two are already completed!

So, how are you all going? What are you writing? Are the words flowing for you? Excited for the second half of the month?

*brings out the streamers and starts cheering everyone on*

Double Feature of Awesomeness

How's everyone doing out there? Chugging along successfully? I thought I'd make this a double feature post. First, I have another pep talk to share, written by John Green of Looking for Alaska, Paper Towns, and An Abundance of Katherines fame. He talks about his collection of abandoned stories, what makes us give up, and how to push through.  Very inspiring, if you ask me.

Dear NaNoWriMo Author...Collapse )


Now that we've seen to that- tell me about your success! Do you have a favorite line/character/scene that you're absolutely amazingly proud of? Do you want to brag about how awesome you've been, or mention the other things you've managed to achieve (at school, work, etc) while meeting your word goals? This is the place to do it! Show me some awesomeness!

And Another Pep Talk

Man, they sure do get these things out rather quickly, don't they? Today's pep talk features the lovely Lindsey Grant, in which she discusses the dreaded Week Two. We've all come so far in our writing and productiveness- can we make it through another week? (Of course we can!)


Dear Writer...Collapse )


Checking in

So how are we all doing?
As far as I can tell everyone here is gearing up for early victory!

Want to share hair-tugging moments?  Is Zombie-fever eating away at your brain?
Are the plunnies haunting and the plot-holes tripping you up?

How many fics are completed and how many are there to go?
Anyone tempted by prompts/inclusions/midnight fridge raids?

**** * * * * ****

Journal Link of my progress

Another Pep Talk

Today's lovely pep talk comes from one Aimee Bender (about whom I know nothing, else I would put something interesting here). Read on to hear lovely encouragement for when your writing takes you places you did not expect... And now I'm off to get some writing of my own done, as I haven't done any yet today. >.<

Dear Writer...Collapse )


So, Day 7...

is brought to you though the magic of insomnia. It's 5:20 am and I've covered today's writing. Which is good, because it's done; but bad, because the insomnia will throw off a lot of other things.

However, I didn't write the thing I *have* to write because I didn't want to get out of bed to look for the notes for it (I'm not 100% sure where I put them, so I wanted to do it during the day in case it took a while god, I hope I didn't lose them).

Would it be cheating to use the necessary thing's wordcount for tomorrow?

(Who knew that mini-nano could lead to ethical dilemmas?)

Pep Talk from Mercedes Lackey

Thanks for all the support guys! I think I'm getting into a better head-space now. Carrying on, as ever. I bring you the second in the NaNoWriMo Pep Talk series, a letter from established author Mercedes Lackey (personally endeared to me for The Last Herald Mage trilogy). She takes an interesting stance on how to conquer the blank page.

Dear Writer...Collapse )